Game information

Battlecry holds multiple games across New South Wales, with events happening at varied times, and on different days. This is your one stop shop for information relating to our chapters, our games and what you need to get started.

Friday Night Battlegame!

Happening every Friday night, these games consist of three scenarios that the two super-factions fight over. The objectives change with each scenario and the results of the battle determine what happens the following week!

You need no character, no role play or combat experience and no knowledge of the world in order to participate. We train the players in accordance with our weapons proficiency system. The system we utilize is designed specifically for our game.

Political Freeforms!

These exciting parlor LARP style games allow our participants to get into the minds of the characters who drive the story-line in Markoth! Fierce generals, cunning Kings, Queens & Lords, each representing their nation at the meeting table. It is here that negotiations, deals, strategies and lies are traded. The heads of nation working together to help their side come to victory.

These games take place annually, and decide the fate of the next 6 months of Battle Games. You don’t need to have any knowledge, roleplay experience or equipment to participate; everything you need will be provided for you.