frequently asked questions.

Q. Is there food available?

Yes! We typically hold a BBQ every game! This allows people to relax, get some food, and have a chat with the people they’ve been fighting with/against. Bring a few dollars – or your card with you so you can grab something. We cater for Vego’s too! Just let us know beforehand and we will bring something along for you!

Q. How often do you hold events, and where?

Battlecry – Age Of Markoth hold events every Friday night (barring clashes with major holidays or over the Christmas/New Year season). These events take place in a fully lit soccer field, located behind Barton Park Driving range, 210 West Botany St, Arncliffe.

Q. What do I need to start?

Nothing! Ideally all you need to start LARP with us is some dark clothing, comfy shoes, and a can-do attitude! The rest is looked after!

Q. I've never swung a sword before, does that matter?

Not in the slightest! We will teach you everything you need to know to get you started. You won’t Aragorn overnight – nobody is! So just relax and have fun!

Q. Can I bring friends along?


This game is all about fun, so feel free to bring your friends along and fight alongside them! It will be a great night of action and laughs!

Q. Do I need to know the rules?

You don’t have to memorise the ruleset before you play. Our pre-game training will give you the basics on what you need to know before you play. That being said, It’s highly recommended to read through the ruleset before you take to the field; It will make things much easier!

Q. What time do I have to be there, and how late does it run? The game will typically follow this runsheet;

6:00pm – Sign in Opens
7:00pm – New Player Training Begins
7:00pm – Returning playing warmup/training begins
7:25pm – Game #1 Briefing
7:30pm – Game #1 Starts
8:00pm – Break Start
8:10pm – Game #2 Briefing
8:15pm – Game #2 Starts
8:45pm – Break Start
9:10pm – Game #3 Briefing
9:15pm – Game #3 Starts
9:45pm – END

People tend to stick around an socialise afterward, so aim to be walking back to the car around 10:30pm – and you’ll be fine!

Q. How much does it cost?

Below is a cost breakdown:
New Players – Game entry is $12, inclusive of weapon and costume hire, with drinks and food extra

Returning players – Game entry is $12, with $3 weapon and $3 costume hire, with drinks and food extra

Q. Is there parking?

There is free off street parking at the event.

Q. Do I need a character?

No, you won’t need a character for your first few games. Participants build character over time, and there is no immediate requirement for you to build one.

Q. Do people get hurt?

We have never had an injury that required any medical attention beyond and ice pack and a bandaid. We take safety incredibly seriously, and mitigating risk is something we consider with every choice made.