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Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) Game

Battlecry is a Live Action Role-Playing game that takes place in the Fantasy world of Markoth, in a pre- gunpowder, magical, low fantasy setting. We host weekly events
across New South Wales that involve many participants following an unfolding narrative with medieval battles, social gatherings and tournaments using latex coated fibreglass weaponry and real armour.


Eager To Fight?

There are armoured fighting organizations throughout the world, with more groups forming every day. Here you will find resources for getting equipment and training.


Want To Watch?

Most armored fighting events are open to the public, including multi-day events and festivals. Here you will find everything from local fights to International fights with official national teams.


How To Join

Armoured fight clubs are forming all over the world. These clubs will be able to help guide you through proper training and equipment use. What you will find most often is that these groups also house a variety of other lighter western martial arts forms in addition to steel Armoured fights.